More than just a business.

At Weebsmash, the customers are our greatest concern. Weebsmash aims to provide you with your best shopping experience yet, with excellent, high-quality products, at affordable prices.


An up-and-coming business, with alot to offer!

As a newly established business, we are working hard to meet all the wants a customer could ever have!

Giving you products from the latest animes and mangas.

Are you looking for a product from your newest, fave anime or manga series? Well, you're in luck, because Weebsmash is always updating it's stock with the most recent, trending merchandise and manga.

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Weebsmash is a local, Sydney-based business in Australia

We offer a large range of anime/manga related products, ranging from manga books, keychains, pins, keycaps to figures, plushies and lamps

We provide a top-of-the-line customer service experience to all customers, any suggestions will be considered, and any questions they have will always be answered

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